Feb 24, 2011

Ayre's Hawk-eagle with its breakfast

As I promised, I'm back again. I have a lot of pictures to post - beginning with macro photos from the last summer and continuing with the pictures taken in Botswana, Zambia and South Africa - just the time is missing for that.

Last year I had a 3 weeks trip through Botswana, Zambia and South Africa. The time was quite short, but I managed to make some good pictures. Unfortunately just a few action pictures. This series is from Kruger - South Africa.

We met this pleasant bird on the way to Lower Sabie Camp in Kruger NP enjoying its breakfast. I couldn't recognize the prey, but probably it was from a common bird species - guinea fowl or lapwing. After a dozen of pictures the eagle took its prey into the bush and just disappeared.


Feb 10, 2010

Great Crested Grebe - part I

It was a really tough job, but here it is my second post.
In the last weeks I had limited time for photography - however is winter outside and some of my favourite birds are in Africa - so I decided to post some pictures taken in September in Hungary @ Lake Tisza.
The Great Crested Grebe (Podiceps cristatus) was not on the top of my bird list, that I wanted to photograph there at that time - this bird I would like to photograph in spring during the courtship dance or a family with very small and cute youngsters - but it was very popular there.
Basically I met one family (the parents and a youngster) each day on my way from the "harbor" to the photographing place/hide and back. I made so much pictures with them that I will need to post them in 3 series.
This is the first one and I working already hard on the followings. I hope I will have the possibility to go back in spring and to catch that beautiful courtship dance.

Jan 13, 2010


I begin this year posting some pictures with a very common bird ... at least here is it very common ... the house sparrow.
My mother has in the backyard an evergreen tree, which produces during the winter a lot of seeds. Our neighbours have no more cats (I already wrote about that), so we have in our garden and backyard an extremely increasing bird activity - which is very good. The sparrows discovered during the winter this tree and the its seeds and afternoons they come in huge numbers to feed with them.
The only problem is, that I spend a couple of days in a month there and when I carry all my equipment with me (and it has several kilograms), the weather is very cloudy or it's raining. When I don't have my supertele lens with me, the weather is always fine. After several unsuccessful tries, I had finally in November some luck and was able to take some pictures from the loft of the house (basically from the roof).
Actually I made a lot a pictures with them from every possible angles capturing a diversity of positions - laying on a branch, analyzing the seeds or eating it - and this post is only a small selection. I hope you don't mind this "flood" of pictures.

Oct 29, 2009

Little Bittern

The winter is almost here, which is actually not a good news, but this allows me to have more time to process the pictures taken this year.
Now is the turn of this small series taken in September in Hungary.

Already on the first day on the discovery trip we spotted this little cutie, but I decided to take more picture with him on the way back. That was a very bad idea, because the bird was no more there.

After several days I found this lazy guy at the end of a canal, which connects river Tisza with the Lake , very close to the Lake. The weather was a little windy, that means - waves. From this reason it was very difficult to control the boat - alone - with the electric engine.
He was very relaxed and allowed me to take some pictures. I could say he was really relaxed.

I tried also to stop the boat parallel with the bird to make some portraits. The first one was taken using F8 and the second one using F10 to have the beak too in focus. The difference in depth-of-field is noticeable.

Unfortunately I hadn't too much time for portraits because he spotted something.

After a few seconds with a very quick strike (I could say a too fast strike for me occupied controlling the boat) he caught this big - almost monster - fish and disappeared in the reeds.

I know, this last picture is very bad, but I only wanted to show the huge capture.