Feb 24, 2011

Ayre's Hawk-eagle with its breakfast

As I promised, I'm back again. I have a lot of pictures to post - beginning with macro photos from the last summer and continuing with the pictures taken in Botswana, Zambia and South Africa - just the time is missing for that.

Last year I had a 3 weeks trip through Botswana, Zambia and South Africa. The time was quite short, but I managed to make some good pictures. Unfortunately just a few action pictures. This series is from Kruger - South Africa.

We met this pleasant bird on the way to Lower Sabie Camp in Kruger NP enjoying its breakfast. I couldn't recognize the prey, but probably it was from a common bird species - guinea fowl or lapwing. After a dozen of pictures the eagle took its prey into the bush and just disappeared.



  1. Wow Andor, these are superb images.
    Clicking on them really brings out the detail.

  2. These are great photos. The bird doesn't look like it would be that strong. I have seen coopers hawks here and photographed them hitting other birds and creating an explosion of feathers. I wonder how large this one is?

  3. @abe - thanks. It wasn't so big, about 40 cm. It was right beside the road, it could be that the prey was just a road kill. We saw some animals killed by cars (speeders), which is pretty shame.

  4. I'm happy that you are finally back on the blogworld... Nice pictures and I hope you still do have a lot to show us about this trip. Welcome back!

  5. Great series. Looks like you got some great stuff for your brief stay. Blue Skies.

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