Feb 10, 2010

Great Crested Grebe - part I

It was a really tough job, but here it is my second post.
In the last weeks I had limited time for photography - however is winter outside and some of my favourite birds are in Africa - so I decided to post some pictures taken in September in Hungary @ Lake Tisza.
The Great Crested Grebe (Podiceps cristatus) was not on the top of my bird list, that I wanted to photograph there at that time - this bird I would like to photograph in spring during the courtship dance or a family with very small and cute youngsters - but it was very popular there.
Basically I met one family (the parents and a youngster) each day on my way from the "harbor" to the photographing place/hide and back. I made so much pictures with them that I will need to post them in 3 series.
This is the first one and I working already hard on the followings. I hope I will have the possibility to go back in spring and to catch that beautiful courtship dance.


  1. Szia, Mar kezdtem hianyoni a madarakat, de latom itt vannak az ujak. Voltal a tisz tonal? Egyszer en is szeretnek ilyesmi helyre eljutni es szep nagy testu madarakat lencse vegre kapni, de az meg odebb lesz azt hiszem. Minden esetren gratula mint mindig.
    Udvozlettel, Lehel

  2. Hi Andor,
    What a beautiful moment you probably got!! Gosh this set is beautiful and I love the perfect backgrounds behind them as well as the attitude... I do hope for you and for our eyes that you will manage to get the courtship!!!

  3. Hi Andor,
    You asked me on my blog what kind of bird you can see in Myvatn end of May...
    Well, I'll say almost all the ducks species we do have, that is to say, harlequin ducks, long-tailed ducks, wigeon, common scotter, plus red-necked phalarope, Mallard, tons of barrow's goldeneyes, whooper swan, slavonian grebes, greylag goose, great northern diver, there is also a gyr falcon couple breeding around the area, common wren, and of course species such as redwings, starlings, meadow pipits, you might also see occasionally some more rare species, and other such as redpoll, arctic redpoll...
    Myvatn is the best area and May-June is the best time to go there definitively!!! The main reason is that then the birds are breeding and it is easier to get closer to them!!!
    Late in the summer, they then have the chicks and are not so afraid neither but you might then not see all species.
    How long do you plan to stay around, I can tell you other places to visit in the areas. Do not forget to visit the coast around this area!!! You will see gannet (some colonies are around), brunnich guillemot, black guillemot, common guillemot, fulmar, kittiwake and so on...
    When are you planning to come? Just give me some more info and I will definitively help you!!!!
    I hope we can plan something together around Reykjavik :-)
    Cheers, Chris.

  4. Hello,

    These are very nice photographs.

  5. :) Great serie, very nice bird! Love those image....i will go and look at your older post now !

  6. Very beautiful shots. That is really very long flexible neck.

  7. Remek sorozat. Ezeket csónakból fotóztad vagy a partról?

  8. Uj sorozat, uj madar, szep kepek, kulonosen a 3-ik tetszik, nagyon az profi lett, nem mindha a tobbiek nem lennenek jok, csak az valahogy jobban tetszik....

  9. Beautiful series, the last shot is stunning...Thomas

  10. ...I'm glad you decided to post these photos. They are beautiful. I love those with the water dripping from his bill...

  11. @lehel - kosz. Igen voltam, ketszer. Jo madaraszo hely es konnyen elerheto.

    @chris - merci. I will contact you for further tipps.

    @abe - thank you. Maybe too much for a series.

    @dominic - welcone and thanks. I'm following your blog since a while, you have some fantastic photos.

    @rajesh - yes it is. And what a big fishes cann pass through ;)

    @erzsebet - mind csonakbol keszitett fotok, az obiektiv a csonak peremen tartottam, hogy a szog minel alacsonyabb legyen. Partrol semmi eselyed sincs a vocskot lefotozni a Tiszatonal.

    @szabi - hat azert nem annyira profik, de nekem nagyon tetszettek.

    @thomas - thanks, the last one is also my fav.

    @kelly - welcome back and thanks. I will try in march/april to go back and catch that famous courtship dance.

  12. Great series of grebe shots. I love seeing the water bead off of their oiled up feathers. Its fun to sit long enough to watch them come up with the occasional fish catch.

  13. beautiful pics, I love the reflection of the water. gr8 work.

  14. Beautiful and lovely wildlife shots !! Simply amazing !!

  15. Great series. I enjoy photographing Grebes as well. Like the third from the bottom the best with the eye contact. Blue Skies.

  16. Beautiful,lovely and fantastic series of shots !! Great post !!

  17. you have some fabulous pics on your blog.
    Thanks for sharing

  18. foarte faina seria cu corcodei. penultima e super.
    ai folosit blit sau mi se pare mie ?

    p.s. nu ar strica sa le dai niste numere sau niste titluri imaginilor.

  19. @eliz - mersi de apreciere. As fi vrut sa prind mai multa actiune, insa nu mi-a reusit. Aveau un teritoriu maricel - vreo 400m - si cand stateam intr-un loc la panda, ele erau dincolo si prindeau pestele, samd.
    Am folosit blit, dar foarte putin, insa unde ai crede ca am folosit blit, defapt n-am folosit si invers :D Am mai dat cate un shadow/highlight.
    Numere as putea da, insa titluri no way ... n-am inspirate pentru asa ceva.

  20. WOW, you'v got some fab pics here, last 3 are really amazing!