Jan 13, 2010


I begin this year posting some pictures with a very common bird ... at least here is it very common ... the house sparrow.
My mother has in the backyard an evergreen tree, which produces during the winter a lot of seeds. Our neighbours have no more cats (I already wrote about that), so we have in our garden and backyard an extremely increasing bird activity - which is very good. The sparrows discovered during the winter this tree and the its seeds and afternoons they come in huge numbers to feed with them.
The only problem is, that I spend a couple of days in a month there and when I carry all my equipment with me (and it has several kilograms), the weather is very cloudy or it's raining. When I don't have my supertele lens with me, the weather is always fine. After several unsuccessful tries, I had finally in November some luck and was able to take some pictures from the loft of the house (basically from the roof).
Actually I made a lot a pictures with them from every possible angles capturing a diversity of positions - laying on a branch, analyzing the seeds or eating it - and this post is only a small selection. I hope you don't mind this "flood" of pictures.


  1. Hi Andor these are some great sparrow shots what kind are they because they looking nothing like our house sparrow or Cape sparrow the main differences are the head markings on them

  2. Nálunk is szeretnek a verebek a tujafenyőn bújkálni.:-)Jók a képek!

  3. Hi Andor,
    I do not mind the flow of pictures cause these are simply splendid shots, all of them are gorgeous!!! I'd like to ahve them all like this! Gosh you got them well!

  4. I don't mind the 'flood' of pictures at all Andor. They are excellent.
    Very much like our Tree Sparrow here.

  5. Fantasztikus ez a sorozat, nekem tetszenek nagyon ezek a kepek, foleg alulrol az 5-ik.
    Minden jot.

  6. Lovely shots and the bokeh is awesome...Thomas

  7. @philip - they are house sparrows
    @erzsebet - kosz. Nalunk imadjak a magjat, minden nap egy csomo szemetet csinalnak .. mit nem banok egyaltalan.
    @chris, keith - thanks. It's a pleasute to follow them, that's the reason of this "flood"
    @szabi - koszike
    @keriatti - ja, csak a karib szigetek hianyoznak :D
    @thomas - thanks. I'm satisfied too with the bokeh of this tele lens.

  8. Gratula tőlem is, megszervezhetnénk valami közös kimozdulást Szabival, mivel mostanság elég sok időt töltök Kolozsváron.

  9. Difficult to take a picture more perfect than the second.
    Really Great!

  10. The sparrow looks awesome all nestled up and eating from those tiny cones. Great shots Andor.

  11. Hello szép fotók, gratula.Nem szeretnék kotnyeleskedni csak picit kiigazítani, a fotókon látható verebek, mezei verebek (Passer montanus),tree sparrow. A házi verebeknek nincs fekete pofafoltjuk, hanem sima szürke a tollazat.

  12. @szo sincs kotnyeleskedesrol - az en erdekem is pontos informaciokat adni a fajrol es nem igy felsulni :D