Oct 22, 2009

Yellow-headed Caracara

The Yellow-headed Caracara (Milvago Chimachima) it's a commonly seen raptor in the Pantanal. It's smaller than the Northern Caracara, but has the same behavior - flies above searching for carrion. They feed also on reptiles, amphibians or bugs ... like my subject did.

The location was the Pousada Ararauna - an excellent place to photograph birds. You are surrounded there by a great variety of birds and don't need to walk too much to find some bird activity. You can enjoy the sight from the observation tower (only 5 minutes walk from the pousada) or you can do some boat trips.

Unfortunately the weather was far from perfect. Excepting the first one, I took the the other pictures on the same cloudy morning, when I photographed the American Kestrel.

Please feel free to click on the pictures to see the bigger version in a new form. Many thanks to Bela for the help!


  1. Szep sorozat, tetszik az elso meg az utolso nagyon,..., gondolom ugyan azon a helyen keszultek mivel a kertlabak hasonloak,..., de lehet tevedek, kapasod volt :)

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  3. Hi Andor,
    Well despite the bad weather you did it well man! These shots are all fantastic! They are sharp, with a beautiful background and still with some nice light!
    I've to say that my favorite in the number 5, its attitude on this shot is so gorgeous!

  4. @szabi - igen, a hely ugyaznaz, kiveve az elso kepet, amely teljesen mashol keszult. Az american kestrel sorozat is pont ugyanazon heleyn keszult.

    @chris - I needed to apply a noise reduction, because the background was very noise. The light was so bad, that I used ISO 400 or 500, 1/100 s and f5.6 (500mm lens with 1,4x TC). My camera made very noisy shots @ ISO 400 or above.

  5. Amazing shots Andor I didnt know there is more than one caracara Great !!

  6. Hi there,
    To answer the question you asked on my blog : I made the picture using a very normal lenze, nothing special, nor spectacular :-)
    Thanks for visiting by the way!
    Greetz from Belgium

  7. @philip - actually me neither. After making this set I made some research to identify exactly this bird. I thought it's a kind of falcon.

    @ann - thank you for the answer. I see, I thought it was a T&S lens.

  8. Thank you for sharing these beautiful pictures.
    I didn't know anything about this bird.
    The first picture is perfect:it's difficult to take a picture like this.