Oct 1, 2009

Whiskered Tern

This is the second series from my trip to Lake Tisza (Hungary) and the first one with the Whiskered Terns (Chlidonias hybridus). The hybridus race is widespread during the summer in Europe, but winters in Africa or Asia. Lake Tisza with plenty of fishes is a perfect place for them.

During a boat trip I found several families - parents feeding their youngsters. Unfortunately the light was far from perfect (after midday), so I took only a few shots. I decided to visit that place in the next days again, when the light would be better.
I don't how it happens, but when I got back at that place, it was no tern there. I waited a few hours but no sign of terns. Frustrated, I went back to one of my favorite places - where I captured the moorhen, but also grebes and ducks - and to my surprise, the terns were right there. Probably they have several favorite "hunting" places and they are changing them after a while.

The youngsters are waiting usually on the "ground" - on some vegetation - and start to scream whenever they see an adult flying around them. When they realize that the adult is not their parent, they stop instantly to scream. The adults are mostly occupied with fishing in the surroundings and with the feeding of the youngsters (as you can see above).

Youngster waiting for some fish ... and getting one.

For the first time I made some flight shots too - I know, I need to practice it, but I'm satisfied with these first tries.

The hole series is pretty large so it will be continued ...


  1. Excellent feeding shots. The youngsters are always entertaining in all of their behaviors and antics.

    I like the tints and shades of green in the photographs too.

  2. A két etetős nagyon jó. Csak gratulálni tudok!

  3. This is a great set Andor, especially the feeding ones. Excellent captures.

  4. Hi Andor,
    Excellent set of pictures!!! I love the feeding sequence but they are all very beautiful even your first try of flying shot! I guess you were happy after all these nice shots!!
    have a nice week end.

  5. Thanks guys.

    @vhris - oh yes, so far are these pictures from Hungary my best wildlife shots. The place is full of potential and I need to visit it late Spring.

  6. Andor - lovely images of these terns. Beautiful

  7. Great shots Andor some really cool action shots there the last two remind me of a Kingfisher !

  8. Great series. The feeding images is spectacular, nice work! Blue Skies.

  9. Profi madárfotók, minden elismerésem!