Oct 29, 2009

Little Bittern

The winter is almost here, which is actually not a good news, but this allows me to have more time to process the pictures taken this year.
Now is the turn of this small series taken in September in Hungary.

Already on the first day on the discovery trip we spotted this little cutie, but I decided to take more picture with him on the way back. That was a very bad idea, because the bird was no more there.

After several days I found this lazy guy at the end of a canal, which connects river Tisza with the Lake , very close to the Lake. The weather was a little windy, that means - waves. From this reason it was very difficult to control the boat - alone - with the electric engine.
He was very relaxed and allowed me to take some pictures. I could say he was really relaxed.

I tried also to stop the boat parallel with the bird to make some portraits. The first one was taken using F8 and the second one using F10 to have the beak too in focus. The difference in depth-of-field is noticeable.

Unfortunately I hadn't too much time for portraits because he spotted something.

After a few seconds with a very quick strike (I could say a too fast strike for me occupied controlling the boat) he caught this big - almost monster - fish and disappeared in the reeds.

I know, this last picture is very bad, but I only wanted to show the huge capture.


  1. Love that mouth wide open tongue protruding shoots.

  2. These are great. Evasive species and you got some killer shots. Congrats! Blue Skies.

  3. Fogalmam sincs milyen madár ez, de jó nagy halat meg tud enni a saját méretéhez képest.:-)

  4. @all - thanks for your visits and comments

    @erzsébet - törpe gém a magyar neve. Biztos jól lakott vele ;)

  5. Excellent Andor... yes i looks like he was very cooperative! You got some wonderful portraits there and i could well imagine you with the camera and trying to control the boat!!! What fun this should have been. But you got rewarded, these shots are marvelous!

  6. simply beautifully captured shots...lovely!

  7. Amazing set of shots Andor. The open beak ones are superb.
    And what a catch at the end :)

  8. Excelente portretele cu pasarea ..."cantand". Nu ca ar fi rele celelalte, insa asa, cu ciocul deschis, sunt originale. Superb, bravo.

  9. Ha, ha, vad ca si Keith a folosit cuvantul superb. Sa stii ca nu am citit decat acum comentariile, asa ca daca doi spun, asa e, superb.

  10. @chris - it was really annoying to control the boat with one hand and with the another to control the camera. Thanks to the gimbal head you can manipulate it with one hand.

    @flyingstars - welcome on my blog and thanks for comment!

    @marius - mersi. Cand mai bem o bere? :D

  11. Andor, these are a great series of photos of the Bittern. They can be hard to follow since they are usually so well tucked away along the waters edges. The light is perfect and you tell the story well. Thanks for letting be there with you.