Aug 26, 2009

Great Kiskadee

The Great Kiskdee (Pitangus sulphuratus) portuguese name Bem-te-vi is one of the most common birds in South America. It can be found basically everywhere in Brazil.
It belongs to flycatchers and it's normal diet consists of insects and fruits, what you can see very well in 2 of the pictures, but it's not unusual to see it fishing like the kingfishers. After eating some fishes they puke out - like the kingfisher - the not digestible parts ... what you can also see in one of the picture.

Warming up in the morning sun - that morning we had 6 degrees centigrade, which is considered a really cold night for brazilian standards.

They can be found oftenly sitting on a wooden perch and searching for some food

Puking out some not digestible remains from a fish

Catching insects near to a fazenda or on some leaves.

... and one more time sitting in a tree near to the water.


  1. Beautiful shots of a beautiful bird Andor.

  2. A harmadik színvilága nagyon tetszik - olyan könnyed, légies.

  3. Hi Andor,
    Wow, it is a beautiful bird and you got very nice pictures of it, especially the first one which is my favorite. The composition and the background are gorgeous on this first one!

  4. Great shots Andor looks a little like one of our flycatchers well done :))

  5. Lovely series on this winged beauty Andor. The action images in this series are my pick.

    Leopard - The master of camouflage

  6. Great series. Very colorful bird. Picking a fav is hard, but like the shot with the insect in the mouth the best.

  7. Great shots Andor. What lens did you use?