Jul 23, 2009

Morning Dew

I have a lot of unposted images from my trip in Brazil, but I decided to post some recent pictures - made on last weekend - for diversification.
I found a very quite open field about 10 km from the city, it is right before a forest and it's very rich in insects. Mornings is relative dark (from the shade of the forest) and wet as well (at 11 o'clock you can find dew on the leaves). If you want to do some sunny pictures, you need to wait til midday or even later, the only problem was the heat - about 35 degrees centigrade at 13 o'clock. At 14 o'clock I gave up, but I will go back next weekend.
This is only a small part of the pictures, I will post the rest of them next week or on weekend.


  1. ...beautiful photos of the dew on the grass, and the fly looks like he's hanging on for dear life! Very cool!!

  2. Beautiful pictures and great "cadrage" (in french) = "Framing" (?... in english?)

    (Sorry: I can read your texte, but I've difficulty in finding my word in english)

  3. Love that second shot Andor.
    Like tiny jewels.

  4. Good stuff. Like the fly the best.
    Answered your settings questions on the rainbow post. Blue Skies.

  5. @béla - köszönöm
    @cathy - mersi. I know what cadrage means, the romanian word is "incadrare" - so is pretty the same.
    @cathy b. & holdingmoments - thank you.
    @ken - thanks. It wasn't my question, but it's nice to know the settings ;-)