Jan 20, 2009

Stockholm - Vasa Museum

The Vasa was built in Stockholm in 1628 and was to be the mightiest warship in the world with 64 guns und 2 gundecks. On her maiden voyage after fireing a salute the ship began to heel over and suddenly sank. In 1956 it was found on the sea bottom and in 1961 was recovered. From 1961 to 1988 the Wasa was housed in a temporary structure and in 1990, after 2 years of buildings, the new Vasa Museum was inaugurated. Inside the musem the warship can be seen from six levels and around the ship you will find several exhibits and models related to the contruction and recovery of it, life on board, skeletons, objects went down with it, etc.
Photographic hints
- a tripod is a must - if you don't have one you can improvise like I did, but the angles will not be the best
- remote control or self-timer combined with MLU
- long exposure - low light inside - at least 25-30 sec. @ f13-16 and ISO 100,
- super wide angle lens - the ship is very long and the distance between the camera and the ship is too small.
PS: the picture are unmanipulated - no adjustments at all

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