Oct 14, 2009


It's autumn ... but if I look outside is already snowing ... and we have 3 major activities in autumn:
- to harvest the grapes and make some wine
- to harvest the other fruits, crush them and let to ferment
- to "produce" schnapps from the fruits after fermentation
I'm living in the concrete jungle of Cluj Napoca but our garden from Jibou (my mother lives there) is big enough to produce each year a small quantity (100-150L) wine and about 50L schnapps.

But why I'm telling you this? You will find shortly.

Last weekend we completed our first major activity - we harvested the grapes, crushed them and we pressed them after 1-2 days. The pressing process is very slow - it takes about 3 hours - and the quantity was so huge, that we needed to press them 4 times. The result of this is the must, which is very sweet. We do this activity outside and because the weather was fine, it has attracted a huge number of wasps. This was a real blessing for them - a huge quantity of sweet must.
Now the major problem was that they were accidentally fallen into the bucket full with must and I needed to rescue them all the time with a sieve. They cannot swim ... I know that ... they don't.
After that they were very dizzy and sticky, but after about 5-10 minutes of cleaning themselves with their front legs and after drying their wings, they were able to fly away. I used this time to photograph some of them.

The hole set represents wasps saved by me ... and the number was really huge. The wasps were either on the edge of the sieve or on the top of the press. The angles and lighting conditions were very different ... of course the subjects too ... and I used normal flash. Unfortunately my circular Sigma macro flash is kaput and I'm not satisfied with the normal flash at all.

The wasp sitting on the top of the press. Fort the first 2 pictures I used F13, but for the last F16. The difference is really huge.


  1. Excellent close ups Andor. Great sequence of the cleaning.

  2. Hi Andor,
    At least this little accident gave you the opportunity of doing very beautiful portrait of this nice wasp!!! Simply breathtaking!

  3. Nagyszeru makrofotok, minosegileg nagyon tetszik, milyen obival fotoztal?

  4. @all - thanks for your comments!

    @szabi - Sigma 105mm makro obi. Ahhoz, hogy ezekkel az oriasokkal kitoltsem a kepet, nagyon kozel kell menjek (15 cm-re) es mondjuk f16-ot hasznalva is a ODF nagyon gyenge. Egy hosszabb obival dupla tavolsagrol f8-al el lehet erni ugyanazt a DOF-ot.

    @unseen rajasthan - welcome back!

  5. Lovely series with incredible details. I liked most images, difficult to pick a favorite.

  6. Jó makrófotók, technikailag hibátlanok. Remélem a bor is finom lesz.:-)

  7. @erzsebet - kosz. Majd decemberben megmondon, hogy sikerult ;)

  8. Very good macros.
    mmm... 50 liters of schnapps is not a bad amount.
    I imagine it's something like the italian grappa if you make it from grapes.

  9. @andrea - it's not bad at all. It's not like grappa, we make the schnapps from plums and apples, from grapes only wine, but I can ensure you ... our schnapps is good ;)