Jul 7, 2009

Buff-necked Ibis

The Buff-necked Ibis (Theristicus caudatus) is a very common bird in the Pantanal. If you go there is impossible to not see one, but being so common sometimes we forget to pay attention to it. It's pretty shame but I have only 3 small series with this beatiful bird after the last trip.

It's a medium sized colorful bird with a distinctive long decurved black bill, black face and a buffy neck. Sometimes they act like a sentinel just like the Southern Screamer or Souhern Lapwing emiting some loud calls, when they see or feel something unusual or dangerous (including humans). It can be found almost everywhere (savanna, wetland or just near to human buildings) and it's diet includes everything from insects, snail to small reptiles.

I took the headshot near to Fazenda Barranco Alto - the light was excellent and the bird was not shy at all, probably because he was used to human presence.

The second picture I took on the road from Fazenda Ararauna to Campo Grande. The last 2 days were rainy and the light was not so good. The bird was also a little bit shy.


  1. Beautiful looking bird Andor. Wouldn't mind something like that being 'common' here :)
    Stunning headshot in the first.

  2. This is indeed a beautiful bird.Looks like they wanted you to take their pictures and you did so very nicely.Like the first shot!