May 7, 2009


After a short pause here I am again with a new post - a female Blackbird (Turdus Merula). A very common bird, excellently adapted to the cities. This series was taken in Stockholm in December in Djurgarden Park.


  1. It may be a common bird, but it's very beautiful and when paired with the red tomato, striking!

  2. Love that one 'puffed' up to keep warm Andor.
    I'ts great hearing their song in the mornings, and at the close of day.

  3. Cool series and I like the eye-level perspective and details.

  4. Hi Andor,
    I agree with kelly and will add that because it is common, people have a tendency to forget to take pictures of them. I also realize that, although they are adapted to cities, it is quite hard to get close to them and get nice shots. Yours are indeed very nice shots of this shy bird.

  5. @kelly - yes, it's a beautiful bird. The singing males are my favs.
    @holdingmoments - that shot I like it too.
    @thomas - it was a really easy series (photographically speaking), the only problem was the wind. That made me feel -5 centigrade like -20.
    @chris - I agree with you. Sometimes we forget the "usual things" and we try to photograph the extraordinary unseen things.

  6. Black bird taken just right!
    That red.. thing... adds the needed "contrast" to the photo.
    Splendid work!

  7. Beautiful snaps of the little bird.