Apr 24, 2009

Common Black Hawk

This pictures are from a single series. I saw this bird in Brazil only once - accidentally - from the car. After a few shots flew away. The last one is a cropped version for a better composition.
Common black hawk - Pantanal, Brazil 2008


  1. Hi Andor,
    This is an amazing set of pictures. Wowww!!! I'm wordless and I found the third one fantastic, and the last one terrific with this predator gaze. These are wonderful pictures and reading how you got them, one can only congratulate you!

  2. Wow!

    I have never seen a black hawk like this before.

    I would have thought it was a crowe or raven until you took a close up shot like this.

    Good Work!

  3. I agree Andor the cropping in the last one is brilliant infact all of them are great Excellent work :)

  4. I have never seen or heard of this bird. It looks like an awesome raptor. Thanks for sharing this rare species.

  5. Great photos!
    Very nicely captured, love it.
    I really enjoy your blog :P

  6. ...a very striking bird! I've never seen a completely black-feathered hawk. Gorgeous photos!