Mar 30, 2009

Turkey Vulture

Turkey Vulture (Cathartes aura) enjoying the brazilian sun. A large bird - 65-80cm long, 170-180 cm wingspan. It's a scavenger and feeds on carrion, has an excellent vision and sense of smell and that's how it finds its meals.


  1. Excellent captures Andor so simular to our Lapet faced vulture well done !

  2. We have these same birds here. It's amazing they have such a huge range. The light is perfect in your photos.

  3. hi Andor,
    A magnificent beast. I've seen them in Chile and they are very impressive. You got very nice pictures of them. Well done.

  4. seamana cu o curca :D

    interesante cadre !:)

  5. @Philip - exactly, but the lappet faced is somehow uglier ;)

    @natural moments - I saw turkey vulture in Brazil only once and I had luck - it wasn't shy and the light/position was also good.

    @Chris - I thought that Chile has a relative poor wildlife, but it seems to be wrong.

    @Octav - noroc ca nu urla ca un curcan :D ... defapt chiar grohaie.

  6. Stunning composition of the Turkey Vulture. I wish they sat on a more natural perch (I know its asking for too much with wild birds).

  7. Hi Andor,
    No Chile has a relatively high level of wildlife. A lot of famous species, like inca tern, andean condor, snowy egret and so on, and a lot of humming birds, small warblers. I have seen more than 40 species there without really doing bird watching!!!