Feb 11, 2009


Anhinga (Anhinga anhinga), Pantanal, Brazil 20008

Turkey Vulture (Cathartes aura), Pantanal, Brazil 2008


  1. Just yesterday night I was watching a program on Pantanal on Animal Planet titled Jaguar Adventure. Its was awesome. That photographer saw 4 Jaguars in 4 days. I m sure you would have Jaguar pictures too. Do post them...Thomas

  2. Unfortunately I saw no Jaguar during that 2,5 weeks in Pantanal. I've visited the San Francisco Fazenda (they've hosted that movie) and several pictures taken during the movie are exposed there. The Jaguars have GPS and the fazenda feed them, so You can guess - it's not a surprise to see 4 Jaguars in 4 days. It would be a surprise to see none. However the fazenda is very expensive ... maybe next time.